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Assets Under Management
Client Retention Rate Since Firm Inception
Dedicated Municipal Investment Professionals
Of The National Municipal Market Rated By Our Research Team
Municipal Bond Allocations Since Firm Inception
Purchased Bonds Defaulted Since Firm Inception
As of November 30, 2018

Gurtin Municipal Bond Management is an investment management firm committed to making investors and their advisors feel more comfortable with their investments and financial future. With a singular focus on municipal investments, we work closely with a network of over 150 independent RIAs, family offices, and investment consultants across the country to protect and grow our clients’ wealth.

Specializing in managing sustainable municipal bond portfolios for high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals nationwide, we strive to provide the utmost comfort in our clients’ municipal bond investment choice through our:

Why Gurtin?

We know the importance of protecting clients’ principal and meeting their unique needs.

The protection of capital and our clients’ peace of mind are our primary concern as we work to intelligently maximize after-tax income and returns. For this reason, we remain focused on identifying the securities offering the highest risk-adjusted, after-tax yield and delivering a best-in-class client experience that exceeds expectations. We thoughtfully design each municipal bond portfolio that we manage, taking into account each client’s investment goals, tax situation, and liquidity needs.

Gurtin's History of Municipal Investing

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The Gurtin Group breaks away from Morgan Stanley, launching an independent firm with $5.2 billion in assets
The Gurtin Group's most popular strategy, the Municipal Stability strategy, carries over as the firm's primary municipal offering


Gurtin develops its Credit Databank technology


Gurtin launches the Municipal Opportunistic Value strategy and its first private funds


Gurtin introduces the Municipal Lader strategy
Gurtin develops its Portfolio Optimizer technology
25 full-time employees


Gurtin develops its Muni Exchange technology


Gurtin launches its first mutual funds


Gurtin unveils the Municipal Intermediate Value strategy
50 full-time employees


Gurtin introduces the Municipal Social Advancement Strategy
AUM reaches $14 billion


Gurtin launches Municipal Total Return strategy
65 full-time employees

Singular Focus on Municipals

With a deep and focused expertise in one of the most opaque and often misunderstood asset classes, we are passionate about municipal bonds and the investors who rely on them for fixed income. While every client is different, our investment team’s collective decades of experience in analyzing municipal bonds and actively managing municipal bond portfolios give us great insights into the often shared values, goals, and concerns of the country’s wealthiest families and their investment advisors.

Creatively Uncovering Value

Our passion for municipal bond management fuels our creativity and outside the “style” box thinking. Offering more than industry standard laddered portfolios, Gurtin also offers municipal bond strategies that are uniquely focused on minimizing portfolio volatility, as well as credit-based municipal bond strategies that seek to outperform the market by taking an intelligently contrarian viewpoint.

The Support Clients Need

With the belief that there is more to peace of mind than simply being comfortable with your municipal bond investments, we view the client experience as tantamount to investment security and are wholly committed to client satisfaction. By being available and responsive, and providing a customized client experience, Gurtin seeks to ensure that client needs are always being completely met.

Investment Philosophy

A singular focus on municipal investments.

As we work to protect principal and intelligently maximize after-tax income and returns, our highest priority is the comfort of investors in their municipal portfolios and financial future. To achieve this objective, we’ve made municipal credit and market research a core competency – using our independent credit and quantitative research to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into our investment process and uncover generally overlooked value.

By employing a collaborative approach to investment management, we seamlessly integrate our independent credit and quantitative research into our portfolio management process in order to protect and grow our clients’ wealth.

Credit Research

Our forward-looking analysis of credit risk, including ESG factors, enables our portfolio managers to purchase only bonds that we have identified as sustainable and high quality, and anticipate credit distress before major credit ratings agency outlook changes or rating downgrades can negatively impact the pricing of clients’ holdings.

Quantitative Research

We perform quantitative analyses to identify the market’s structural inefficiencies, calculate optimal pricing, and determine the types of municipal bond structures that we believe will perform best given client needs and objectives—whether clients are looking to minimize volatility, ensure predictable income, or generate high income.


The Gurtin team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality service to every client. We understand the importance of being responsive, and go the extra mile to meet the needs of our clients and their advisors.


Gurtin and its employees not only support but are involved in a number of philanthropic organizations in the greater San Diego area. We seek to improve the community by investing in issues and causes close to our heart, focusing on developing culture, education, and youth in San Diego.

Gurtin employees actively serve on the boards of the following local San Diego organizations.

La Jolla Playhouse

A Tony Award-winning professional non-profit theatre located on the prestigious campus of the University of California, San Diego, the La Jolla Playhouse proudly serves and supports over 30,000 children, students, and adults each year in its efforts to serve the neighborhood, provide educational programs, and enrich the community.

Words Alive

Believing reading to be the fundamental skill capable of altering and bettering lives and communities, Words Alive is committed to helping today’s adolescents and youth value and learn to read. By providing educational opportunities, reading experiences, and student scholarships, Words Alive annually impacts over 5,000 students and families across the community.

In addition, Gurtin is also proud to support the organizations below.

Feeding San Diego

In-N-Out Burger Foundation

Jackie Robinson Family YMCA

Knowledge Is Power

Rady Children's Hospital San Diego

San Diego Food Bank

Stanford Cardiovascular Institute

Walk For Water