Breanne Coschigano

Senior Associate

Breanne Coschigano is a senior associate in the Compliance and Legal department at Gurtin Municipal Bond Management.  Ms. Coschigano is responsible for trade compliance, advertising reviews, and other compliance approvals, in addition to testing and refining processes for mutual funds and new accounts.

Prior to joining Gurtin Municipal Bond Management in July 2013, Ms. Coschigano was a registered associate at Wedbush Securities where she provided sales and admin support to customers and clients. Previously, Ms. Coschigano was an operations associate at JP Morgan Chase, where she monitored and managed bankruptcy loans and assisted attorneys with bankruptcy proceedings. Prior to that, she worked as a research analyst at Networth Services Inc., and began her career as a financial processing associate at Vanguard.

Ms. Coschigano earned her bachelors' degrees in finance and international business from Pennsylvania State University.