Michael C. Skirvin, PhD

Co-Head of Investment Research & Strategy

“We perform our own quantitative research to both unravel the complexities of the misunderstood municipal bond market and optimize portfolio performance within the context of each unique strategy.”

Michael C. Skirvin is co-head of the Investment Research & Strategy department at Gurtin Municipal Bond Management. Mr. Skirvin serves on the Investment Committee and is responsible for the research and implementation of fixed income analytics, as well as the quantitative aspects of Gurtin Municipal Bond Management’s investment strategies. In these capacities, Mr. Skirvin works closely with the Portfolio Management and Technology departments. Mr. Skirvin is also responsible for oversight of the quantitative research team.

Prior to joining Gurtin Municipal Bond Management in August 2012, Mr. Skirvin was a teaching assistant at Northwestern University and the University of California, San Diego while studying for his degrees.

Mr. Skirvin earned a doctoral degree in mathematics at Northwestern University. His thesis was in an area known as Geometric Representation Theory and was titled A Global Analogue of the Springer Resolution for SL2. Mr. Skirvin earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of California, San Diego.

Please visit Michael Skirvin’s Muniverse blog page to view his recent municipal bond market insights.